CAD-ERP Integration

Real-time control of design and manufacturing projects 

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Objectives of CAD-ERP Integration

The objectives of CAD-ERP Integration are:

  • To facilitate the entry of design-related information.
  • To prevent errors in design-linked data.
  • To provide tools and utilities to automate design tasks and the creation of documentation associated with the design.
  • To access ERP data for consultation and direct use from the CAD tool.
  • To export design information to the ERP to launch manufacturing orders, purchasing, replenishment of raw materials, etc.
  • To facilitate complete real-time tracking of projects.

What does the CAD-ERP integration include?

The CAD-ERP Integration Implementation projects include:

  • Training and start-up.
  • Mandatory in the first year, at the beginning of the service provision.
  • Annual Integration Program ICE C2i Business.
  • Provides full access to the CAD-ERP Integration module.
  • 20 hours of Technical Support included with the CE C2i Business Program.
  • Additional Technical Support packages can be hired according to the client's needs.