Training for Odoo Implementation

Validate the implementation of Odoo at no cost

Consult C2i's Odoo implementation methodology

The goal of the initial phase of the C2i Business Odoo implementation projects is to resolve any doubts about the viability and profitability of implementing Odoo. This is achieved through grant-eligible training, ensuring it incurs no cost to the client.

Initial Phase of Implementation

This phase begins by defining the key users and the client's Project Manager (RPC). The objectives of this phase are:

  • To provide the client with a viable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on Odoo that meets their basic needs.
  • To understand the specifications, needs, and workflows of the client.
  • To introduce the RPC and key users to the methodology to be used in the implementation project.
  • To define an Implementation Plan and a flexible Budget in which the client can define the scope and pace of the implementation.
  • To perform a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

This initial implementation phase:

  1. Will be carried out through a 100% grant-eligible custom training.
  2. Will work on a test server of C2i Change 2 improve on which various example databases will be created.

This way, the client can verify the viability and profitability of the Odoo implementation project without incurring any cost.

The only cost of the start-up phase is the training, which is grant-eligible, in addition to the time dedicated by the client's employees.

The custom training will, by default, have a duration of 40 hours.

During the training sessions:

  • Key users will explain the client's specifications and needs and demonstrate their current workflows.
  • Expectations, objectives, motivation, and potential risks to consider during the implementation project will be assessed.
  • Data, validated by the client, will be obtained to define the Return on Investment analysis.
  • The tasks to be carried out during the implementation phase will be defined.
  • The main problems currently faced by the client as well as possible gaps between a standard implementation of Odoo and the client's needs will be identified.
  • Progress will be made in the configuration and customization of the MVP on Odoo, which will later serve as a starting point for the implementation.

At the end of the training, the results will be presented, which will include:

  • Demonstration with the MVP on Odoo of the client's main workflows.
  • Presentation of the Implementation Plan and Budget, with the various options that may be included.
  • Presentation of the Return on Investment analysis.

In summary, the objective of this phase is for the client to verify the viability and profitability of the Odoo implementation project without incurring any cost.

Implementation Phase: Initial Sprint

The implementation phase begins with the Initial Sprint, which marks the start of the annual Odoo C2i Business Program and includes:

  • Basic installation and configuration of the VPS server.
  • Installation and configuration of security measures and systems.
  • Initial basic configuration of Odoo.
  • Start of Odoo C2i Business Technical Support.

Access will be provided to two separate Odoo installations:

  • Production Server.
  • Test Server.

Implementation Phase: Sprints

The implementation will be carried out through iterations with a series of gradual advances or sprints, so tha:

  • It can be carried out at the pace desired by the client (monthly Sprints of 20, 40, or 80 hours).
  • The client can define the order and priorities of the various modules or areas to be included.
  • The functional scope of the implementation of each module or area to be included can be defined.
  • It can be carried out in a scalable manner, allowing new client users to be incorporated as the implementation of Odoo's modules or functional areas progresses.