Who Are We?

We are passionate about new technologies, optimization, and continuous improvement. We provide innovative products and training, consulting, programming, and technical support services.

Our goals are:

  • To be drivers of innovation and change.
  • To provide access to the most modern and powerful tools on the market, and in Spanish.
  • To facilitate access to quality training and technical information.
  • To advise our clients on the continuous optimization of their processes.

How Often Does the Train Pass?

A brief summary of our history

Throughout our professional careers, we can encounter coincidences in the form of unexpected opportunities that significantly alter our professional development and trajectory or that of our companies. 

These opportunities can come like a train you're not waiting for, at a station where you might be passing through, by chance or waiting for another train. Sometimes you decide to board that train and undertake the journey it suggests. You may not be very clear about the destination, but that train and that journey end up representing a significant part of your professional trajectory.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to board one of those trains, becoming part of and leading the technical department in Spain of a distributor of SolidWorks, the 3D design application that is today a leader in the 3D CAD market.

Few are fortunate enough for the same train to pass twice or more times, and each time they manage to board it. I am one of them, and I am very grateful for that.

After spending several years developing my professional career in areas other than CAD, in 2014 we created a startup whose fundamental objective is the Optimization of design and manufacturing processes .

        "Joliet" Jake Blues: "How often does the train pass? "

        "Elwood Blues: "So often you won't even notice."

                - Blues Brothers - Elwood's apartment.

We encountered a pleasant coincidence: The original SolidWorks team, after leaving the company over the years, had come together again to develop Onshape, a cloud-based 3D CAD application that aimed to become "The Future of CAD". Borrowing the phrase from the Blues Brothers, they were "getting the band back together”.

        "I didn't hesitate; I boarded again to join the Onshape band".

As Dave Corcoran, Vice President of R&D, comments in his blog article “Recruiting Onshape’s Dream Team went far beyond CAD”: "It's not about a nostalgic trip; it's an unexpected opportunity that allows us to work together again on what we love and do best".

Today our startup has evolved and become "C2i Change 2 improve Optimization of processes," significantly expanding our portfolio of products and services. Similarly, Onshape has evolved from a promising collaborative 3D design application in the cloud to a powerful and complete CAD application with functionalities that already surpass traditional CAD applications.

I also have the additional satisfaction of seeing that our small but great company has become a small yet powerful and dynamic locomotive pulling a train that collaborators, clients, and suppliers have already boarded to travel on a beautiful and exciting journey. 

Eduardo Magdalena, Founder and CEO

I am a mechanical engineer, I have a Master's in ICT Business Management from NovacaixaGalicia Business School, and I am passionate about new technologies, optimization, and continuous improvement.

I created the first Spanish-language CAD forums on the Internet and have taught close to 10,000 hours of training in AutoCAD courses, AutoCAD programming, SolidWorks, Onshape, and Finite Element Analysis, published various courses and manuals, and developed numerous utilities, macros, and modules for the main CAD applications.