Custom training Design optimization with Onshape

With this customized training for companies, you will optimize your methodologies and design processes with Onshape 

100% Grant-Eligible Training for Companies

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Course Summary

The training lasts for 40 hours, on dates and schedules to be defined together with C2i Change 2 improve.

Training sessions will be recorded on video and can be viewed later if you cannot attend a session or to review any part of the training about which you have doubts.

This training costs 1.200 € per company, with a discount of 200 € for clients of the Onshape C2i Business Program on the purchase or renewal of their accounts.

The training is 100% grant-eligible for companies .

  • It is essential to have a computer with Internet access and a sound system to follow the training.
  • It is recommended to have a second monitor and a microphone.

  • The use of webcams is not necessary.

Who is this course for?

  • Design users from Onshape Clients who wish to optimize their design processes and methodologies with Onshape.

  • Other users from Onshape Clients who want to get into design to improve collaboration with the technical department.

This is not a training to learn how to design with Onshape. It is designed for Onshape clients who have been designing for some time and want to optimize their processes and design methodologies.

Students of this training must have previously completed a training Design in the Cloud with Onshape with C2i Change 2 improve or demonstrate their design knowledge with Onshape with a certificate or online test.

During the customized training for companies, client design documents will be shared, and the content will be adapted to the client's needs, type of products, and methodologies.


The program will be tailored according to the client's needs, type of products, knowledge, interests, etc.

  1. Review of important updates.

  2. Review of design tools.

  3. Recommendations and best practices for sketching and modeling.

  4. Review of recommended methodologies.

  5. Document management.

  6. Design of profile elements.

  7. Sheet metal part design.

  8. Collaboration and technical support.

  9. Advanced configurations.

  10. Customization and programming in Onshape.

  11. Properties: Information linked to design.

  12. Bill of materials.

  13. Advanced drawings.

  14. Advanced assemblies.

  15. Onshape Mobile.

Includes a free subscription to the Onshape C2i Business program

Or a discount of €200/student on the purchase or renewal of Onshape accounts, with a maximum of €400 per account. Check the benefits of the Onshape C2i Business program.